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16 June 2014





Nicole Kullen

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Nicole Kullen.com

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your visit & come back soon.         Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your visit & come back soon.         Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your visit & come back soon.        Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your visit & come back soon.   


For photos & information on Nicole & her trips for any purpose especially those to be published,

Please Contact Nicole Directly!  Especially Before Anything is Printed As Permission Needs To Be Granted.

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This website is divided into three main sections


These are my passions in life & I would like to share them with you

Scroll down for a brief description & link to each

 Nikshar Stud's firstborn foal, Purebred Arabian Nikshar Meszleena Blue just after giving birth to her first foal Nikshar Na Sala an Arabian Warmblood filly born Oct 2005



* Important News Updates & Notices *

NIKSHAR STUD REDUCTION SALE - All offers considered as several must go!


Nikshar Stallions are standing at stud & available via Natural Service or AI.

Don't miss an opportunity to breed to these 3 magnificent stallions at very reasonable rates   

Proofs from the 2013 MHAA Regional Double Shot Championships Show at Bathurst Showground on 03/11/2013 where I was the Official Photographer "NOW AVAILABLE"

Proofs from the Heavy Horse Show at Bathurst Showground on 26/10/2013 will be available soon

Don't forget to check back regularly for updates :)


  Nikshar Valentino  

Enter Nikshar Stud

Nikshar Stud was founded with the purchase of the purebred Arabian mare 'Pinnaroo Mary' in 1993. It was from there that my dream started to evolve.

I aim to breed horses with type, presence, good conformation & most of all, great temperaments.

 There is no beauty in breeding an amazing horse that no one can ride or handle!

To see more about my hobby Stud please follow the link & have a browse

...Visitors are always welcome to the stud ...

... by appointment ...

             NIKSHAR VALENTINO    Photo by: Katypix


Nicole Kullen


Sponsored & Supported by

Change in Sponsors List

30 April 2012   

Dr John Wells

Simply Beautiful Smiles

May 2007


I want to say a huge thank you to my sponsors & supporters for helping me along this journey of mine

Without this support I wouldn't be where I am today

Plus I look forward to meeting new potential Sponsors in the future & welcoming them to the team.









If you think you could help support Nicole towards fulfilling her Para Equestrian Dressage & her Arabian & Welsh Showing goals, please go to the

Nicole Kullen

Sponsorship Page

for further information regarding sponsorship opportunities & making donations

˛Every Little Bit Helps!˛

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 Nicole Kullen. Awarded '2005 EFA NSW RDA Rider of the Year' AwardNicole Kullen riding 'Nomination' in Belgium Sept 2006, at the CPDI**** First International Combined Festival of Dressage and Paralympic Qualifier event for the 2008 Beijing ParalympicsNicole Kullen riding a young trakehner stallion loaned to her so she could compete in an Official EFA competition



For Latest Up-to-Date News

go to the

NK Latest News Page



Please Note:

No conformation has been altered in any of the images on my website as I feel this is unethical & definitely not the thing to do.

I will not portray an untruthful version of an image or horse/subject in the photo.








Arabian Warmblood filly born Oct 2005 'Nikshar NaSala'

Nikshar NaSala


    Nikshar Valentino

Enter Nicole's Photography

Photography has always been something I wanted to do but have never had the opportunity. Until 2004 when circumstances changed & I'm now in full swing with this hobby of mine.

I think my lifetime of experience with both my equine & animal friends in both a personal & competitive arena gives me an advantage with my photography.

It helps me to know a good shot when I see one but it also helps to prevent those awful shots that don't enhance the horse or rider's appearance or bring out the personalities of my subjects.

To find out more about my photography hobby or to view proofs,

please follow the Link to this section

Nikshar Valentino & Anthony Geyteman    Nikshar Country Ladd

  Nicole Kullen Photo & Enhanced Image Example    'Boys will be Boys' Nicole's retired dressage horses Light Nefarious and Royal Dancer




Enter Nicole Kullen - PARA EQUESTRIANNational Champions Nicole Kullen & Nikshar Nomination

After contracting Meningococcal Meningitis Septicemia in 1996, I've slowly progressed around my horses.

Both my lower legs were amputated, I have limited arm movement & strength, with no use or feeling in both hands & wrists, plus all my internal organs were damaged.

In 2000, I began competing in Dressage & Para Equestrian Dressage competitions with the EFA (Equestrian Federation of Australia) for able-bodied riders & the RDAA (Riding for the Disabled Assoc. of Australia) for riders with a disability. And as of 2006 I've also competed with the FEI (The Fédération Equestre Internationale)

 Since then I haven't looked back & have successfully represented my country several times & won silver & bronze medals at the 2007 World Champ's & competed at major events such as the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, 2007 World Championships & 2010 World Equestrian Games.

More about Para Equestrian Dressage & my achievements in the sport can be found in this section.




Please feel free to contact me for information or even just to drop me a line to let me know what you think. I’ll answer every email personally as soon as possible. This site will be regularly updated for my visitors benefit. I hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.



Nikshar Stud Colt born 26/11/2006 with Nikshar Stud Owner Nicole Kullen in her electric wheelchairDillon and Tess'Nikshar Alladin'  (3/01/2007)




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