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Last Updated:

12 June 2008

Capture Those Precious Moments in Time Forever

  For All Your Equestrian & Animal Photography

I think my lifetime of experience with both my equine and animal friends in both a personal and competitive arena gives me an advantage with my photography. It helps me to know a good shot when I see one but it also helps to prevent those awful shots that don't enhance the horse or rider's appearance or bring out the personalities of my subjects.

Please scroll down and follow the links below to view information about the Services I Offer

For all animals, big or small, even reptiles

* Online Proofs Gallery *

* Event Photography *

* Stud Shoots *

* Advertisement Shoots *

* Pet Portraiture *

* Prints/Wall Art *

* Greeting Cards *

* Graphic Design Service *

Photos on other items, for example, Bookmarks, mugs, keyrings, magnets and property signs can also be arranged.


If  you  can't  find  the  service  you're  after please  contact  me  to  discuss  your requirements


* Online Proofs Gallery *

My online Proofs Gallery gives you the opportunity to view photos online in the comfort of your own home. All images taken at an event/shoot will be available to view in the gallery as soon as possible after the event.

The gallery is divided up so proofs from events covered are in their own sections. If youd like to see a particular horse or competition & can't find them in the Proofs Gallery, please feel free to give me a call & I'll see if I have it available.

Online Proofs Gallery

2007 East Coast Arabian Championships - 'Nikshar NaSala' & owner/breeder Nicole Kullen


Nicole Kullen Image       2006 Bathurst Foal Show



* Event Photography *

Would you like your event covered by Nicole Kullen. We will cover any form of Animal or Equestrian Event. Just contact us to discuss your requirements. Very reasonable prices.

To see examples of my photography, please go to the Online Proofs Gallery

to see proofs from events covered.

Online Proofs Gallery


'Jamil Razah Flash Lite'      Working Dog 'Oliver' competing at Bathurst Royal


2007 East Coast Arabian Championships - 'Nikshar NaSala'



* Stud Shoots *

Do you have a stud that you'd like to promote or capture in time forever?

I will travel to your location and do an in depth shoot of your stud. Very reasonable prices.

Just contact us to discuss your requirements

Photos taken for Nikshar Stud Photos taken for Nikshar Stud


Photos taken for Jamil Razah Stud   Photos taken for Nikshar Stud




* Advertisement Shoots *

Do you have a horse or animal you're hoping to sell?

I will travel to your location and do a shoot that will consist of images suitable for advertisements. This will include head and neck shoots, full body stand up shots as well as photos to show your animal or horse's movement. Very reasonable prices.

Just contact us to discuss your requirements

Shoot for advertisement for 'Nikshar Wildfire' 2007  Advertisement Shoot for Edinburgh Horse Rugs 2006/7


Nicole Kullen Image      Missy



* Pet Portraiture *

Do you have a special friend you like to capture in time?  When you have your pet's portrait done, I will take photos in different environments to bring out your pet's personality in my photos. All pet portraits can be taken with or without the owners, or a combination of both. Very reasonable prices. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

  Dillon & Tess  Annie

Missy & Mickey    Jamil Razah Stud shoot image 2007



* Prints/Wall Art *  and  * Greeting Cards *

I have an extensive range of photographic images available for sale

as Prints/Wall Art, and Greeting Cards.

The images include

  Horses    Dogs    Cats    Landscapes 

  Australian Native    General Prints 

Or why not get your favorite photo made into individually hand crafted Greeting Cards that

are individually presented in neat re-sealable plastic sleeves with matching envelope.

'Jamil Razah Mica' Nicole Kullen Image Jamil Razah Stud Foal




* Graphic Design Service *

With my service being digital I can make available a wide range of image enhancements and specialized projects for your photographs.

Enhanced photos are only available with prints sized 6 x 8 and above, unless discussed otherwise. And specialized projects are only available with prints sized 8 x 12 and above, unless discussed otherwise. Property signs will also be available soon.

 The cost of these enhancements may vary from the normal price depending on the time required to make the changes. For example; Removal of leads and small details are easier than removal or replacement of entire backgrounds. If this is the case I will contact you to discuss before proceeding.

I also offer my services to create effective advertisements.

Click to see examples of Enhanced Images


Nicole Kullen Enhanced Image  Nicole Kullen Enhanced Image




 Contact Nicole


Tess and Dillon


This site is regularly updated for our visitors benefit. We hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoy sharing it with you. Please feel free to email me for information or even just to drop me a line to let us know what you think. Ill answer every email personally as soon as possible.



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