Nicole Kullen when she won the NSW Institute of Sport 2008 Ian Thorpe/Grand Slam International - Outstanding Achievement - Female Award



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Para Equestrian-Dressage Rider Nicole Kullen

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Nicole Kullen

Sponsorship Page

Last Updated:

30 April 2014




Nicole Kullen


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Supported by:


Dr John WellsSimply Beautiful Smiles - Proud Sponsors of Nicole Kullen

May  2007


Change in Sponsors List:

30 April 2014



1 August 2010

For all the latest news & photos from Nicole Kullen go to the 'NK Latest News Page' or see her profile on her 'Nicole Kullen Profile Page' or even just have a browse around the website in general.

Examples of some News from Nicole include:

Nicole & Nikshar Nomination selected to represent AUS at the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Kentucky, USA in Sept/Oct 2010


Nicole riding Nikshar Nomination now the current 2010 & 2009 EA Para Equestrian Gr1b National Champions after a very successful National Championships 2yrs in a row.

Nicole Kullen represented Australia at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games Equestrian events held in Hong Kong.




Nicole Kullen. Awarded '2005 EFA NSW RDA Rider of the Year' Award


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  Nicole Kullen riding 'Nomination' in Belgium Sept 2006, at the CPDI**** First International Combined Festival of Dressage and Paralympic Qualifier event for the 2008 Beijing Paralympics


Nicole Kullen riding a young Trakehner stallion that was loaned to her to compete at an Official EFA Dressage Competition in May 2006





* Plus please check back regularly for updates *

I would not be where I am today without the valuable support of my Sponsors & Supporters, Family & Friends.

If you think you could help support me towards fulfilling my Para Equestrian Dressage goals or my showing, endurance & dressage goals with my Nikshar bred horses especially our Purebred Arabian stallion NIKSHAR VALENTINO (Valli), No Matter How Big Or Small, please scroll down & read the information below regarding sponsorship opportunities, how to make a donation or just sending messages of support.

They're all ways you can help.

Because, to accomplish this & continue achieving a higher level of competition at both a National & International standard, I'm still in desperate need of financial support (or by way of products &/or services) to help me along the way due to the continually increasing training & competition costs.

Our new competitions with Nikshar Valentino have been very successful so far, with wins like; Purebred Arabian 50%+ Crabbet Best of Show, & winning his stallion classes at the 2011 & 2012 NSW Arabian State Titles & several other wins. So things are moving forward :)

So please if you can help support me to fulfill my dreams in any way it would be greatly appreciated, as the support that sponsorship & donations can provide is invaluable to my success & Every Little Bit Helps!



There are several ways you can help support me in my quest for success.

Below are just a few ideas of ways you can help!


I look forward to hearing from you & hopefully welcoming you as a new member

of our Team. It will definitely be a great ride for all involved!




Make a Donation to Nicole Kullen



Please make cheque's or money orders out to:   Nicole Kullen

Please Send Donations along with your Details to:

Nicole Kullen

'Weemala', 1157 Ophir Road






Please contact us for this info..


For further information Contact Margaret by phoning  041 825 8039

All donations received will be sent a personalized thank you from Nicole

(if return address details are given)


Become a Proud Sponsor of Nicole Kullen

& her main competition horses

Nikshar Nomination & Nikshar Valentino

If I was to gain sponsorship from you or your company I would always promote your company and its good name to the best of my ability and I would always keep your company informed on how I知 progressing

There are several ways that I could promote your company in return for it's valuable support

These benefits along with other important & interesting information are outlined in my Sponsorship Proposal that's available upon request

Contact Nicole & Margaret regarding sponsorship by phoning  041 825 8039

Or, by emailing Nicole at:


Send Messages of Support to Nicole Kullen

  Please feel free to send messages of support to:

Nicole Kullen

'Weemala', 1157 Ophir Road



Or, send messages of support by email to:

Knowing that the community is behind me is a huge help to support me along this long, hard & exciting journey.  Every message is a reminder of just how much support I have.


Support whether it be financial, or via provision of products, goods

or services, are all a major support to help me succeed in my future endeavors!


If you require any further information regarding ways you can help support or sponsor Nicole, or if you have a fundraising idea/event in mind to benefit Nicole whether it be thru Donations towards the

Nicole Kullen - International Training Fund

 or thru providing Sponsorship,

Please contact Nicole or Margaret thru the details on

the 'Contact Us' Page or the details above.


* * *

I really want to thank all my sponsors & hopefully welcome

some new sponsors in the near future. The support that sponsorship provides is invaluable to my success and its greatly appreciated.

* * *

Please Support Those Who Support Me

Please check out my sponsors & their websites & if their products suit your needs & you purchase from them or use their services, please let them know that you found out about them through me. Thanks - Nicole Kullen.

* * * 

Dr John Wells of Simply Beautiful SmilesSimply Beautiful Smiles - Proud Sponsors of Nicole Kullen

Simply Beautiful Smiles make changes to people痴 lives that make a difference! Dr John Wells is one of the few select graduates of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry.

N.K May 2007



N.K July 2010



Thank you :)

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