Nikshar Stud Proudly Presents

* Nikshar Wildfire *

(Milora Park Blue Fire (EXP FRANCE) x Pinnaroo Mary (x Golden Spark (IMP UK))

Bay, Purebred Arabian Gelding, Registered AHSA

D.O.B  17/01/2002

** FOR SALE **  'NIKSHAR WILDFIRE'  Purebred Arabian Gelding. Pic's taken in Jan & Feb 2007

94.49% Crabbet Breeding, 'Nikshar Wildfire' is a gorgeous bay Purebred Arabian Gelding.


He's a lovely type with correct conformation & super free flowing movement.


Currently 'Nikshar Wildfire' is unbroken, but well handled & ready to start his career.


He's the last Australian born foal by the successful & well known Endurance Stallion 'Milora Park Blue Fire' who was exported to France, & has great bloodlines on both his sire's & dam's side. Especially for endurance.


'Nikshar Wildfire' has a beautiful temperament & loving personality like all our horses here at Nikshar Stud, yet still the amazing stamina & grace of the Arabian breed.


At home he's affectionately known as 'Nico' & he's usually the first one to come to you in the paddock. 'Nico' is very easy to handle, & willing to learn. He also leads beside my electric wheelchair.


Nikshar Wildfire is a full brother to our mare Nikshar Meszleena Blue, who is successfully breeding beautiful foals for us.


I know 'Nico' will do very well & be successful in the future. Plus I know he'll make a great lifelong companion,

as he's definitely a special boy to us!



Story of Nikshar Wildfire's Name


Purebred Arabian gelding 'Nikshar Wildfire' as a foal standing with his dam 'Pinnaroo Mary'.Our heavily pregnant mare Pinnaroo Mary (ready to foal anytime) was evacuated just before the Christmas Bushfires took the whole property, & then again evacuated from another property after this, & this time running thru fire under helicopter water bombings.


About 2 weeks after the fires, the fires had finally eased & cleared from the area. Mary was returned to her paddock along with the others, & not long after being back in her paddock, Mary gave birth to a healthy bay colt who is now the gelding 'Nikshar Wildfire'.

In the photo you can see the new grass growth coming thru with all the burnt trees in the background.


The Christmas Fires were one of the major disasters of the times & it was very scary having the flames coming from every side whilst we worked on foot & drove thru the flames, trying to save the horses, but I'm so glad we did.


After everything Mary went thru due to the fires

(& Nico who was an unborn foal) & survived, we decided to call him Nikshar Wildfire!


Purebred Arabian gelding 'Nikshar Wildfire' (Nico) as a foal standing with his dam 'Pinnaroo Mary'.



(On Left) Nikshar Wildfire, standing beside 'Royal Dancer' (On Right)

 Nikshar Wildfire (On Left) standing beside 'Royal Dancer' (On Right)


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Nikshar Wildfire's Sire:  Milora Park Blue Fire (EXP FRANCE)




Further Images of Nikshar Wildfire


Purebred Arabian gelding 'Nikshar Wildfire'. 'Nikshar Wildfire' is a full brother to our mare 'Nikshar Meszleena Blue'     Purebred Arabian gelding 'Nikshar Wildfire'.    'Nikshar Wildfire' on the 2 Feb 2007    'Nikshar Wildfire' on the 2 Feb 2007 with owner/breeder Nicole Kullen leading him from her electric wheelchair.


5yo Purebred Arabian gelding 'Nikshar Wildfire'.  **FOR SALE**   Nikshar Wildfire on 17 Oct 2007   Nikshar Wildfire




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